Each of these women brings considerable professional and personal expertise and skill to the Cool on the Inside workshops that they facilitate. Each has successfully completed the Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training, Cool on the Inside Facilitator Training and mentoring program, and is actively involved in ongoing mutual reflection and support with other facilitators.

To make enquiries about Cool on the Inside, or to make a booking for your school or community group, contact the facilitator geographically closest to you. You will find her contact details at the end of her bio. If there are no facilitators in your immediate area you can contact the closest or use our general contact email or phone. Please note that facilitators travel widely to offer Cool on the Inside.

To find out more about A Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training go to www.janebennett.com.au. This training is a prerequisite to the Cool on the Inside Facilitator Training.

  • Jane Bennett

    Founder of Cool on the Inside, Australia

    I began my professional life as a social worker and after experiencing the revelations of charting my menstrual cycle in the mid-eighties I pursued a career counselling, teaching and writing in the field of Natural Fertility Management. In 2000 I designed and ran the first Celebration Day for Girls, and Cool on the Inside for older girls soon after. In 2012 I began training facilitators internationally to run these programmes.

    I am deeply honoured to have shared these special occasions with so many girls over the years and now to be assisting an exceptional group of women to run these days in their own communities and countries. I am the author of A Blessing Not a Curse (2002) and Girltopia (2010) and co-author of The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception and Conception (2004) with Francesca Naish and The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? (2008) with Alexandra Pope.

    I have also created the Fathers Celebrating Daughters and Celebration Day for Girls  workshops and am happy to run these in your community.

    PHONE: 0428 271 958
    EMAIL: jane@janebennett.com.au

  • Melissa Gonella

    Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: North East

    I have been providing women and girls with well-structured and experienced support surrounding natural fertility awareness and menstrual education for more than 7 years.  Teaching both privately and in group settings, running programs such as Women’s Circles, Connecting Cycles (for Women), Celebration Day for Girls (aged 10-12 and mothers/carers) and Cool on the Inside (girls 14-16).  I am a trained natural fertility educator, a doula and the mother of two daughters aged 8 and 13 and a 12-year old son.

    I strongly believe that the way women and girls view their biology impacts their health and emotional wellbeing.  It’s time to step beyond old and outdated coping mechanisms into a fresh understanding of self-care that, unmistakably has a positive effect on health and the transformational stages of puberty through to menopause.

    I also offer Celebration Day for Girls workshops.

    PHONE: 0418 990 619
    EMAIL: melissa@gonella.com.au
    WEBSITE: www.melissagonella.com

  • Anne-Marie Hoyne

    Australia, West Australia, Perth

    In my early 20’s, I trained as a Youth Worker because I wanted to assist young people in the huge transition to adulthood, and what I’ve learned over the past 20 years is that becoming an adult is an ongoing process! One that requires us to develop resiliency, to seek support and to celebrate the steps we take along the way. On my own journey, I have experienced profound healing, growth and wellness through yoga, co-counselling, dance therapy, menstrual cycle awareness and radical self-care. I’m blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children, as well as a vibrant network of extended family and friends.

    I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching and currently work in private practice offering a safe, sacred and nurturing space for women who are healing and transforming their lives. Facilitating “Cool On The Inside” is an important part of my contribution to mothers and daughters in my local community. And it’s great fun too!

    I also run a business called The Women’s Hearth in partnership with Penny Champ. Together we offer Red Tent Circles, ceremonies and retreats for women of all ages and stages of life. I love this work and I’m a huge advocate for the power of community-building to make positive and sustainable personal and cultural change in our lives.

    EMAIL:    connection@coessence.com.au
    PHONE:    0408 744 572
    WEBSITES:    http://coessence.com.au, http://thewomenshearth.com.au

  • Janoel Liddy

    Australia, Victoria, Melbourne: Inner North

    I came to this work through my passion for empowering girls to live fulfilling lives with self-awareness and the confidence to love, respect and care for themselves.  My role as the founder of Step into Womanhood arose from my women’s circle work, a shared meeting space for deep reflection and development.

    I offer relaxed and enjoyable programs that involve both girls and parents, holding a safe and engaging space for individuals and groups.  I have worked in TAFE, university and community organisations as a facilitator, trainer and event organiser for more than 20 years.

    I offer puberty and well-being education in schools, Celebration Day for Girls and Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops as well as Cool on the Inside.

    I am also responsible for an annual Mother and Daughter Coming of Age retreat run in Bali each year during the July school holidays.  I find it exciting and tremendously fulfilling to work with mothers and daughters as they develop greater understanding and celebration of their cycle and sense of self.

    My purpose is to create meaningful programs for young people, to deepen their connection to themselves, their community and their environment, becoming vibrant young women and men in the process!

    I am on the journey of raising a son and daughter with my partner of 20 years in Melbourne’s north.  A foodie, reader and storyteller, I make time for daily walks with the dog, weekly yoga and dance.

    My quals include a Bachelor of Arts (Monash), Graduate Certificate in Training Management, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality, Certificate IV TAE in Training and Assessment, Steiner Teacher Training, Working with Children Check.

    PHONE: 0408 664 919
    EMAIL: contact.janoel@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.stepintowomanhood.com

  • Sherilyn Palmer

    Australia, Queensland, South East

    I am a fertility nurse specialist, midwife, health counsellor and mother of two energetic boys. After becoming a teacher in natural fertility education I began The Perceptive Woman – a specialized service for women, mothers and daughters seeking a positive approach for managing their reproductive health and menstrual wellbeing.

    Working with women having difficulties conceiving has become a powerful motivation for me to offer education to women, mothers, young girls and teenagers to support their journey to developing a knowledgeable and beautiful relationship with their bodies. Cool on the Inside is a just one of the many wonderful ways to achieve this and I relish the opportunity to bring awareness of this important topic to girls in my community and beyond. I also offer Celebration Day for Girls workshops for younger girls and their mothers and Fathers Celebrating Daughters for fathers of daughters.

    In my spare time I love to cook – mostly vegetarian and gluten free food from seasonal produce gathered from my local farmers’ markets and when time permits I enjoy capturing my kitchen creations on camera and sharing these on my blog as part of The Perceptive Woman.

    PHONE: 07 5438 1142
    MOBILE: 0407 650 608
    EMAIL: sherilyn.palmer@hotmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.theperceptivewoman.com.au

  • Melinda Whyman

    Australia, Victoria,
 Melbourne: North East

    I am a Naturopath, Homoeopath, Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor, Menstrual Health Educator and Birth Attendant. I have been immersed in the realms of women’s business since 1996.

    I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley with my Beloved, 4 children and many animal friends. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, writing and organic gardening.

    In 2010, I graduated from the School of Shamanic Midwifery and in the years to follow have continued to work within this organisation in support of program administration and events management.

    I am passionate about the rites of passage in a woman’s life – birth, menarche, childbirth, menopause – being honoured and celebrated as sacred times of transformation, preparing her for the next life stage to come and positively shaping her attitudes and beliefs about herself and the world around her.

    I feel deeply honoured to have the opportunity to empower and educate teenage girls on their journey towards womanhood and to share with them the wisdom of their body and its cycles and the sacredness and beauty of what it is to be a Woman.

    I also offer Celebration Day for Girls and Fathers Celebrating Daughters workshops.

    PHONE: 0414 258 490
    EMAIL: mummamel@gmail.com