As girls traverse adolescence with it’s gazillion challenges around body image, social life, emerging sexuality and identity, supporting healthy development through awareness activities and guided conversation can be deeply empowering.

At Cool on the Inside girls:

  • practice key emotional and social awareness strategies
  • enjoy craft, movement and self-care activities
  • participate in pithy guided conversations
  • explore powerful steps to a positive body image
  • learn about menstrual cycle wellbeing
  • talk about love and sexuality, sexual health and fertility

And, explore,

  • the intrigue and magic of romance and sexuality. The practicalities of sexual health – how to think through your needs and how to talk about it
  • practical ways to support a healthy relationship with their female body – developing an awareness which empowers and underpins a healthy body image
  • emotional wellbeing and positive body image, skills for communication, conflict management and connection.

Cool on the Inside is also available in a weekly format over 8 or 10 weeks that allows deeper exploration of themes.